Best Conditioner for Dry Hair

Ever run a hand through your hair and it just feels rough and a bit like a haystack? Dry hair is a common phenomenon, easily encouraged by factors like the weather, heat styling and colouring.

So, what’s a girl to do about it? The only way to protect your hair and counter that dryness is to condition and treat. Keep reading for your cheat sheet to helping dry hair become a little bit softer, smoother and hydrated with our best conditioner for dry hair.

Best conditioner for dry hair

What is dry hair?

Simply put, dry hair is lacking in moisture that’s essential to hair health. Think about the best-looking hair – it sits just right and holds its style with a serious shine and bounce to it. This ultimate healthy look comes in part from being well moisturised, giving it the ability to be flexible.

Why is moisture so important? In short, it helps protect our hair from external stressors, like winter, dry weather or pollution, all of which contribute to a dry, brittle and dull appearance. Moisture’s also critical to prevent breakage and improve hair’s elasticity giving it this shiny, free-flowing look. The reasons to condition your hair just keep building up and up!

Luckily, our scalp produces natural oil to moisturise hair. This oil (sebum) travels from the root and down the hair shaft, keeping your hair soft and healthy. But sometimes, the oils we naturally produce don’t quite cut it – depending on your hair type and condition, you may need a little help from conditioning products to keep your hair soft and moisturised.

What causes dry hair?

A number of different factors can contribute to having dry hair. Damage from chemical styling processes like permanent straightening and colouring can lead to structural damage that leaves hair with that dry feeling. The high temperatures of heat styling tools cause your hair to lose water, leaving it lacking in moisture, looking and feeling dry.

Curly hair is a type that’s more prone to dryness, especially at the ends, because of the natural bends in its structure: it’s harder for the natural oils to migrate down the strands because of the shape, leaving them much drier. Last but not least, even the weather can have an impact!

The solution? Look for products that deliver extra moisture and hydration to your hair. A good place to start (and the easiest!) is to ensure your conditioner is the right product for the job; delivering moisture and tailored to your hair’s individual needs. However, don’t think all conditioners do the same job and are right for all hair types - And on that note…

Conditioner for dry hair

To keep dryness at bay it’s important to flood your hair with the moisture its lacking to really quench its thirst. As already mentioned, your conditioner is a great place to start, but it’s also very important you don’t skip this important step.

Conditioner for dry, coloured hair

The chemical process involved in colouring really puts your hair through the ringer and long-term will leave it a bit on the dry and damaged side. Our Colour Protect 3 Minute Miracle is a two-pronged attack against colour fade and dry, frizzy hair.

The 3 Minute Miracle range provides the power of a deep treatment in the form of a daily intense conditioner; packed with pro-Vitamin B5 and essential lipids, they’ll give your hair the moisture it craves. Leave on for 3 minutes for the best results, then rinse off. Not only will it protect your colour from the inevitable fade that comes from repeatedly colouring your hair, it’ll smooth and nourish those haystack-like strands. Easy!

Conditioner for dry, curly hair

Curly hair is naturally dry because the coily structure makes it more difficult for your natural oils to make their way down the hair shaft, let alone when you take For unruly curls that lack definition, reach for the Smooth and Sleek 3 Minute Miracle or a smoother finish and protection against frizz-causing humidity. If you have afro curls, Gold Series Moisture Boost Conditioner is infused with Argan oil and has been scientifically formulated for the needs of afro curly and kinky hair.

Conditioner for dry, damaged hair

Of course, it’s important to keep the damaging effects, but nobody is expecting you to sacrifice colour and heat styling completely. The Repair & Protect 3 Minute Miracle works on healing some of those visible signs of damage – so you can keep styling your hair in the way that works for you.

Conditioner for dry, fine hair

When you have fine hair, striking a balance between the right levels of moisture but not weighing your hair down is tricky. Pantene Foam Conditioners infuse your fine strands with moisture without leaving any residue that’ll leave your hair heavy and limp. There’s one to tackle every fine hair concern, from volume to colour protection and damage repair. Snap ‘em up!

Top tips and tricks for dry hair

Top up moisture throughout the day

Who said conditioning was just for the shower? There’s no reason you can’t condition your dry hair in between washes. Dry oil is your friend here; it’s easily absorbable, non-greasy and will really quench any haystack-like strands. Pop our Smooth & Sleek Dry Oil with Argan Oil of Morocco in your bag for on-the-go moisture top-ups, to smooth any unruly frizz and moisturise dry ends. Use on damp hair on wash days, or dry hair between washes – apply from mid-lengths downwards, focusing on the ends of your hair. This formula is a blend of Moroccan Argan Oil and lightweight Pro-V complex to ensure all the benefits of the elixir without the greasiness associated with the pure oil.

Make time for weekly treatments

We all need a bit of self-care during the week, and the same applies to your hair. Smooth on a mask while you’re in the bath or mid-Netflix binge and let it work its magic for several minutes. Dry hair goes perfectly with our Repair & Protect Deep Repair Masque, while afro curls that need some TLC should be slathered in our Gold Series Repairing Hair Mask.

In a hurry but still need that nourishment? Our Intense Rescue Shots are here to save the day –the individual tubes contain just the right amount for each treatment, the concentrated ingredients work their magic in just 60 seconds. For a deep dive into deep conditioning, read our guide to the dos and don’ts when you’re done here.

So you see, dry hair doesn’t have to be the end of the story, or something you just have to accept as being yours forever – read out guide on how moisture helps damaged hair next for more tips and tricks. Arm yourself with the right conditioner and our tips and tricks, and soft, smooth, well-behaved hair really will be yours.