Best hair mask for damaged hair

Blow drying, straightening, curling, colouring, sun, wind, pollution, the list goes on and on! – our hair experiences a lot of things that wears it down.

But we’re not suggesting you have to sacrifice your beloved curling wand, give up colouring, or hide away your hair under a hat. It’s just about choosing the right products that’ll not only limit the damage but also provide deep restoration to your hair so that it’s the healthiest-looking possible.

The best hair masks for dry or damaged hair will turn unhappy hair into hair that’s healthy-looking, shiny and strong with a high dose of intense moisturising and repairing ingredients.

Of course, the struggle comes when you have so much choice on offer and have to decide which one is right for you and your dry, damaged hair specifically. Fortunately, we have the answers; dive into this article to find out which mask will give your hair a new lease of life.


Why should you use a hair mask?

A hair mask is essentially a deep treatment for your hair that works by feeding it nourishing ingredients that can be absorbed easily, for a smoother and shinier result. Think a denser, richer, more intense version of conditioner. A high-quality mask will help repair, put moisture back in hair and protect it from any future damage.

Your hair’s need for masking really depends on the condition of your hair. Use once or twice a week, depending your level of damage. The more severe the signs of damaged hair are – think rough in texture, dry and haystack-like – the more regularly you should use your mask.

There are also occasions in life when using a deep restorative hair mask is almost a matter of (strand) life or death! Think after bleaching (which puts hair under lots of stress), post summer holiday (with plenty of UV and chlorine) or simply when you feel it’s time for some hair TLC. It’s all about your hair looking its best when you need it most.

Hair that’s suffering from extreme levels of dryness may even benefit from using a mask in the place of regular conditioner as a long-term fix.

For optimum results from your mask, leave on for the time specified on the pack as a minimum – usually a few minutes – but leave on for longer if you have the time and want even more nourishment from the mask.

If you use your mask as an emergency deep fix for your damaged hair, that’s one more reason to ensure you have the right one for your specific hair type.

Which damaged hair mask is right for my hair type?

Finding the right mask for your hair depends on its needs, whether your hair is naturally rougher and drier or has been damaged from heat styling or colouring – read on to discover your hair’s perfect match.

The nourishing moisture mask

Argan oil is well known keeping hair smooth and sleek. Offering seriously deep moisturisation, the Gold Series Repairing Hair Mask is infused with nourishing argan oil, created especially for dry damaged hair that’s also curly, thick and craves moisture.

If your hair is extremely dry, it’s worth investing in a leave-in oil like the Pantene Repair & Protect Dry Oil to top up your hair’s moisture levels between washing and treatments. All you need to do is apply where needed – mostly the mid lengths and ends – and leave to soak into your hair (don’t wash it out).

The deep repair mask

As well as adding outer shine, a deep hair repair mask is essential to get hair that’s damaged by heat, colour or chemicals back on track. An intensive fix for rough and dry hair that gets to work in just a couple of minutes, the Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Deep Repair Mask is a great hair mask for damaged hair and offers some protection from future damage too. Its Smart Pro-V technology is able to target the damaged areas of hair, to only work where needed, leaving your hair lightweight, but nourished.

The single use deep treatment

Ideal for colour and heat-treated hair, Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots provide deep conditioning to noticeably repair surface damage for softer, more resilient hair after one use.

The concentrated hair-loving ingredients in the ampoules can easily help repair damaged hair. They’re extremely absorbable, soaking into the hair to cover every single strand of hair it’s applied to supporting recovery.

Rather than simply coating the hair’s damage, you’re getting right to the root of the problem and treating that outer damage.

The smoothing solution

Best for frizzy hair, this rich formula of the Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek Masque works to restore smoothness and helps to shield your hair from humidity, preventing that “poofy” look from occurring. If you have wavy or curly hair that’s prone to frizzing up, this is a great match for you to up those all-important moisture levels.

So, you see, damaged hair is not the end of the world by any means; grab the right hair mask for your hair type and you’ll have shiny, healthy hair that’s worthy of the red carpet – perfect for that first date or big birthday party.

Don’t wait for your hair to feel like stable straws. Now, you know exactly what it craves for. Close this webpage and rush to the closest store. The end of damaged hair is only few steps away.