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The best hair products for your hair depend on two main factors; the overall health and condition of those strands and your hair type. If you have curly hair, your needs will be different to someone with fine, straight hair, like the amount of moisture needed at the tips. Curly hair can be drier at the ends because the hair’s structure makes it harder for natural oils to travel the length of strands. On the other hand, fine hair’s often in need of a volume boost to roots making light-weight formulas the way to go. So, you see, the best shampoo and conditioner combo will differ from person-to-person. To get the best possible results, it’s worth spending a little time and effort figuring out what your hair needs in its natural state and its current condition.

Not sure where to start? We’ve gathered a few of our best products for different hair needs and hair types to help make sure there’s nothing standing between you and more great hair days, more often.

Best of Pantene

Best shampoo for your hair

One of the best places to start, and perhaps one that’s too often overlooked, is making sure your shower’s stocked with the best shampoo that caters to your hair needs. This sets the foundation for your haircare routine and will help deliver the results you’re after. The best shampoo for frizzy hair, for example, is uniquely formulated to help hair fend off frizz and flyaways with deeply nourishing properties that leave hair feeling and looking soft and smooth.

It’s also true that your hair colour plays part in depicting the product you buy. Blonde hair? A purple shampoo should be a permanent bathroom feature to help keep blonde’s fresh and vibrant. Our guide to the best purple shampoo for every shade will help make sure you’re stocked with the best hair products for your hair needs.

You can browse our shampoo collections to find what’s right for you, rest assured – whatever your hair needs or the type of hair you have, we’ve got you covered!

Best conditioner and treatments for your hair

The second step in your haircare routine’s equally important - every good regiment needs the right conditioner. A lightweight treatment’s best suited to fine hair that battles with volume at the roots, while colour-treated hair benefits from regular, deep treatments that nourish strands from the inside out. So, you see, the best treatments for your hair follows the same mantra as every other element of your haircare routine – consider your hair’s inherent needs (based on your hair type) and its immediate needs (based on its condition). It’s the golden path to more great hair days, more often.

The best hair repair treatments for damaged hair will replenish moisture stripped from too many salon visits, over-styling or even environmental factors like humidity or UV exposure. If this sounds like you, a hair mask for damaged hair will do wonders for your hair’s condition if it’s worked into your haircare routine as a weekly fixture.

You can browse our selection of uniquely designed conditioners and deep treatments aimed to deliver the results you’re after, every time.

So, you see, the right cleansing shampoo, coupled with a carefully selected conditioner will deliver results unique to your hair needs. Whichever products you choose, they’ll work together like a bespoke signature for hair. It’s worth taking the time to make sure you’ve picked the best Pantene products for you.

Best vitamins for your hair

Sometimes beautiful hair needs a little help getting there. That’s why our unique Pro-V blend formula is at the heart of all our products for shinier, smoother and stronger hair – inside and out. The best vitamins for hair help to repair signs of damage and support healthy hair growth, treating weaker strands to prevent hair breakage. Just like a multi-vitamin acts to feed the body with nutrients that might be lacking in our diet, the right hair products infuse hair with the right vitamins and nutrients needed for healthier-looking hair. Pantene scientists are constantly researching the best formulas for different hair types and needs. Each careful selection of ingredients leads to combinations that work purposefully to cleanse and nourish hair. Choosing the right products for your hair needs pave the way for longer-lasting results.