Best treatments for your hair type

Getting your hair in its healthiest, shiniest possible state. Sounds like the dream, right? Using the best hair treatment for your hair type is an essential part of your haircare routine, but you might not be sure how to pick the perfect match – it doesn’t necessarily need to be the most expensive product on the shelf, but the one that’ll fix your hair’s individual needs.

Whether you need a hair treatment mask, nourishing oil or deep cleansing treatment, there’s something out there that’ll make the most of your hair. Hold on tight as we bring you the hair treatment that’ll help curb your hair type’s main offenders.

Best treatments for your hair type

What’s the best hair treatment for thinning hair?

Ever run your hands through your hair and it feels like there’s so much less of it than there once was? It can feel a bit strange or even uncomfortable to have thinning hair; you may even panic that it’ll never stop. Whether it’s from stress, hormones or getting older, don’t worry – there are a few things you can do to take back a little bit of control.

Thinning hair is one of the most common hair concerns out there and is actually inevitable for all of us as we get older. Thinning hair treatments can help.

Our Hair Biology Full & Vibrant collection is designed to support hair that’s a little bit later on in its life so you can have enviable body and shine regardless of your age. Power ingredients like Omega 9, Lotus Flower and our Pro-V blend of nutrients support your hair for thicker strands and lifted roots.

We all naturally lose 50-100 strands of hair a day and Pantene treatments will support your hair health, but if you’re worried about unusual hair loss that exceeds this amount, speak to your doctor.

What’s the best hair treatment for damaged hair to repair?

If your hair is regularly coloured, chemically treated or heat styled (or all of the above!) then you need a damaged hair treatment that’s loaded with moisture, to fight your corner and help to repair your hair.

Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots can restore 3 months’ worth of damage in just 60 seconds. Gone are the tell-tale visible signs of damage like dry, coarse, rough looking and feeling hair – the intensive, concentrated ingredients deeply nourish the strands of your hair for softer-feeling, healthier-looking hair after one use.

What about the best hair treatment for dry hair that craves moisture?

Ever run your hand through your hair and think, ‘It feels drier than a haystack’? You and your hair need some moisture, so you’re after a hair treatment that’ll be super hydrating.

Our Repair & Protect Deep Repair Masque is a great hair treatment for dry hair that’ll quench your hair’s thirst in just 2 minutes, for softer hair after one use. It’s speedy stuff that’ll leave your hair in the seriously silky state you crave. If you’re time-pressed, opt for a quick fix in the shower or slather on in the bath for a longer spa-like treatment.

Who said that conditioning had to be limited to when you wash? Dry oils are another great way to get moisture to dry hair, especially the ends which are prone to splitting. Our Smooth & Sleek Dry Oil is packed with Moroccan argan oil and light form of Pro-V nutrient blend and nourishes without any greasy residue. Perfect for on-the-go moisture top-ups.

My hair keeps fading – what’s the best hair treatment for coloured hair and long-lasting shine?

The thing with colouring your hair is you soon fall in love with its vibrancy and shine, and want it. All. The. Time. It often feels like you need to keep on top of regular colouring to keep that coveted shade in check.

But ironically enough, the more you colour your hair, the less well it can hold on to colour, as your hair gets damages and water can pass through it more easily and wash away some of your colour in turn. So, as well as repairing damage from colour, let’s tackle that colour fade too.

The trick is to add vibrancy to your hair that’s not in the form of more and more den: Pantene Colour Protect Intensive Masque adds vibrancy to coloured hair, locks in that all-important moisture and works to extend the life of your colour – meaning fewer trips to the salon or box dyes for you, and healthier hair overall.

‘I need the best hair treatment for greasy hair and a deep clean’

Your quest for non-greasy hair starts with what you’re using in-shower, just as a balanced diet begins with what you put on your plate. In the same way your mind and body sometimes need to reset, so too does your hair – if you’re struggling with oily roots, what you need is a deep-cleaning shampoo to restore your hair to its naturally clean state.

If your hair is easily weighed down by greasiness, use our Classic Clean Shampoo for a deep cleanse. The formula removes any build-up from your hair including excess oil, dirt, dandruff and product residue for a squeaky-clean finish, and it’s free from the heavy conditioning agents in most other shampoos that weigh your hair down.

Contrary to popular belief, grease-prone hair still needs some level of the moisture and protection offered by conditioners. The key is to find something that won’t leave your hair feeling heavy afterwards. Power up your wash with the Volume and Body Foam Conditioner for moisture and ‘oomph’ with none of the weight.

Our best hair treatment for frizzy hair to smooth things out

There’s nothing worse than spending ages getting your hair to look smooth and well-behaved, only to step outside for it to have gone all poofy 20 minutes later. The good news? A good frizz treatment can (and will!) help to keep your hair smoother for longer.

Pantene Smooth & Sleek Masque provides a great defence against frizz all day long, shielding your hair from frizz-forming humidity and leaving your hair sleeker. Use once a week instead or on top of your regular conditioner and leave it on for few minutes. Rinse off. Go full on frizz-fighter by cocktailing it with the good leave on treatment such as the Pantene Smooth & Sleek Dry Oil with Argan oil. You can apply it on damp or dry hair to ensure smoothness all day. It’s nothing your hair doesn’t deserve! Need more frizz-fighting tips? We’ve got a few tricks for you to try.

So, you see, the secret is to find the best treatment for your hair type, stock up and slather on your hair regularly. It’s time to give your hair the five-star treatment it deserves; grab your hair’s new best friend for regular caring treatments and you’ll reap the benefits of a red carpet-worthy mane in no time.