Deep Conditioning: The dos and don'ts

The majority of us know the importance of using conditioner on our hair (if you think this doesn’t apply to you, keep reading to find out why you should start using it ASAP).

But did you know it’s also important to use a more intense, deep treatment from time to time, to really give your hair a boost?

First things first, let’s go through the dos and don’ts of conditioner to ensure you’re nailing your haircare routine. Right this way…

deep conditioning the dos and donts

The dos

DO: Condition your hair every time you wash

Moisture fills any gaps in your hair’s structure, for healthier looking hair that’s smooth and shiny, so it’s an essential step even for finer hair types.

Choosing a conditioner that’s right for you generally depends on your hair type and health. Even fine hair needs moisturising, but if this is you it’s important to choose a lighter option. Pick up one of our Pantene Foam Conditioners; these will offer all the moisture finer hair needs with none of the weight.

Generally speaking, the thicker the hair, the thicker the conditioner you need. Our intensely moisturising Gold Series Conditioner was designed specifically for afro curly or kinky hair, while frizzy curls marry well with our Smooth & Sleek Conditioner for softer, better behaved hair.

For a deep dive into the right conditioner match depending on your hair type, read our guides to the best conditioner for dry hair, conditioner for curly hair and the best hair repair treatment for damaged hair.

DO: Deep condition once a week

Deep conditioner is a more intensive formula with concentrated ingredients that is left on your hair for several minutes. One of our best deep conditioner buys is our Repair & Protect Deep Repair Hair Masque is perfect for hair that regularly suffers the effects of styling and environmental stressors (most of us, then!). Not only will it heal visible damage, but it offers some protection to your hair in its onward journey.

In terms of how to deep condition hair, smooth your masque through the mid-lengths and ends, and leave to soak for around five minutes, or longer if you have the time. Best paired with a bubble bath and Netflix session for a real spa-like treat.

In a rush but still want those deep conditioning benefits? Our individually packed Intense Rescue Shots contain just the right dose of product for your hair, so there’s no fear of over-using, and take just 60 seconds to work. Speedy stuff.

DO: Massage your hair

Although waiting for your conditioner to soak in is key, there’s more to conditioning than simply smoothing product on your hair and waiting for the magic to happen. You need to give it a good old massage to encourage your hair to soak up that moisture and really get those nourishing ingredients to penetrate.

Work your way down from the mid-lengths to the ends; working your way upwards increases friction in your hair, which could lead to long-term damage. Downwards is the way forwards!

DO: Rinse with cold water

By rinsing with cool water you’re doing the conditioning process a huge favour; the cuticles of your hair will be sealed for a smoother finish. When you think about shiny surfaces, they all have smoothness in common too. So, for your shiniest ever hair, smoothness is key – take the plunge and go for as cold as you can bear!

The don’ts

DON’T: Use intense conditioners on fine & flat hair

While you shouldn’t skip conditioner just because your hair strands are on the thin side, that’s not to say that every formula will work for you. It’s just a case of knowing the best buy for your hair type!

Hair that gets greasy or weighed down easily should reach for Pantene Foam Conditioners; these offer all the moisture benefits of a regular conditioner without the weight.

DON’T: Apply conditioner to your roots

Your scalp already generates natural oils to keep your roots moisturised, hence it being the bit of our hair that gets greasy quickest. Adding conditioning agents to your scalp will only speed up the grease process – not what you want!

Instead, apply your conditioner to the ends of your hair, and the mid-lengths if you find it’s on the dry side.

DON’T: Rush it!

We’re not suggesting you stand in the shower for endless minutes like you’re waiting for a bus, but it’s important to give your hair a minute or two to really absorb those moisturising ingredients. Use this time to squeeze in another in-shower job – a quick body wash or scrub will fill the time nicely!

If you are pushed for time, try our 3 Minute Miracle range – deep conditioning in the form of a regular treatment – or our Intense Rescue Shots, individual tubes of treatment that get to work in just 60 seconds.

DON’T: Limit conditioner to in-shower

Of course, you must condition your hair in-shower every time you take to it with shampoo. But it’s also important to keep those moisture levels topped up between washes – well-moisturised hair is healthy, well-behaved and beautiful hair!

Dry oil is your friend here – easily absorbable, nourishing hair oil that won’t weigh your hand down. Pop our Smooth & Sleek Dry Oil in your bag for on-the-go moisture top-ups, to smooth any unruly frizz and moisturise dry ends.

DON’T: Feel tempted to swap out a conditioner your hair loves

As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Consistency is key – the more regularly you use a conditioner your hair loves, the more healthy and beautiful it’ll be as a result. We promise your hair isn’t getting bored of the same old routine; stick with it!

So you see, there really is a right way to deeply condition your hair if you want it to be in its best possible condition. Thanks to our handy dos and don’ts guide, you’ll really nail your hair conditioning from here on out.