How to dry and style hair without damaging it

Does blow drying and other heat tools damage hair? The short answer is yes. Can you achieve the look you want without your hair dryer? Your answer is probably not. The good news is there are lots of ways you can protect your hair against some of this damage to keep it healthy-looking.

You’re probably well aware that excessive heat causes hair to be damaged long-term. The heat from your hair dryer, straighteners and curling wands or tongs causes hair to lose moisture, becoming drier and more damaged over time with repeated use. Over-using these tools will help you create your desired look, but will make your hair more prone to breakage and split ends, as well as looking dull and frizzy.

The objective, then, is to strike the very fine balance in which you get to the style you love while keeping the healthy-looking hair you dream of. So, if you want to know how to blow dry and style your hair (or use any form of heat styling) without ruining it in the long run, read on for a few things you can do to improve your styling routine.

How to dry and style hair without damaging it

Strengthening products for stronger, shinier hair

Stronger hair is better equipped to withstand the damaging effects of heat and daily wear and tear from styling, so it’s important to look for these qualities in your regular shampoo and conditioner and make it the foundation of your haircare routine.

Take extra care of your hair – everyday - by feeding it with the right ingredients to combat the harshness of your styling tool. With this in mind, we’ve designed the Pantene Superfood Shampoo and Conditioner – the ultimate power pair to strong and perfectly moisturized hair. When used on a regular basis, this routine gives your hair strength against styling damage. needs to bear drying, straightening or curling processes.

Already think your hair is a bit damaged and find your styling routine is suffering? Get stronger hair that can take on the pressure of your beloved heat styling tools by switching to the Superfood 3 Minute Miracle conditioner. It offers an intense healthy nutrient boost, flooding your hair with moisture and strengthening agents to get it back into shape. Acting like a treatment but used as a conditioner, it’s a like popping a daily multivitamin for your hair; to give it the strength to face not only your styling routine but also the effects of the environment.

Read more on the best treatments for your hair next for a crash course in the right one for your hair type, but your first port of call for reducing damage should be a hair treat with the Repair & Protect Deep Repair Mask once a week.

Know your towel tips

The first step in how to dry your hair without damaging it is to take a look at your towel drying habits. Do you give your hair a rough rub with your towel in an attempt to dry it before tackling it with your hair dryer?

This is a major no-no, as the friction from the towel will cause damage to the surface of your hair, making it rough and rigid over time. The rough force also puts a lot of strain on your hair and can cause some to break off completely.

Instead, gently squeeze your hair with the towel to remove excess water and then blot your hair with the towel. Another trick is to swap your regular towel with a cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel, which is softer and will draw water from your hair without causing any damage. An easy change in your routine for a big change in your hair condition.

Brushing on wet hair is a common mistake

Your hair is much more prone to snagging and breaking when it’s wet, as it’s weaker and has less resistance. So by roughly brushing it you’re more likely to snap off some of your strands. If you feel your hair absolutely needs detangling after washing, gently use a comb instead of a brush.

Use conditioner every time you wash your hair is a must, but especially in the case of detangling. The moisturising ingredients leave your hair smoother and better-behaved, helping to reduce tangles and minimise the strain on your hair – the recommended Superfood conditioner above is a great choice if you can’t wait for your hair to be dry before brushing.

Use heat protection spray every single time you style

If using heat styling tools is a staple in your hair styling routine, you definitely need to know the tricks to style hair without damage. Whether you’re just blasting it with the hair dryer or have a full blow dry and straightening/curling session, your hair will be under pressure and more prone to dryness and breakage.

If you want to protect your hair, spritz Pantene Gold Series Thermal Heat Protector before drying your hair, and remember to use it before straightening or curling your hair, too. It will shield your hair from some of that damage, as well as adding moisture for a smoother finish when styling.

Another easy way to care for your hair and reduce the damage caused to your hair is to simply use the cold air function of your hair dryer or turn down the temperature on your tools. Similarly, it’s great to take a day out from heat styling by air drying your hair and leaving it natural – we all need rest and ‘down time’ every now and then, and the same is true for your hair.

Remember: Always ensure your hair is completely dry before taking to it with your straighteners or curlers (you’ll be frying your hair otherwise!)

Use a brush that is kind to your hair

If you’ve mastered how to blow dry your hair with a brush to give your hair the shape and style you want, make sure you use one that’s kind to hair. If yours is prone to breakage, ban round metallic brushes from your routine – they tend to be the most damaging! Look for wide-tooth designs with nylon or boar bristles as they are gentler.

Add extra moisture to your regime

If you find your hair still feels a bit on the dry side, especially towards the ends, you won’t go wrong by adding another hit of moisture before or after blow drying to keep it as soft as possible.

The Repair & Protect Dry Oil with Vitamin E can be worked into hair without the need for rinsing, for more moisture whenever your hair needs it. There’s none of that greasy feeling as its easily absorbed and has a featherlight texture for free-flowing, bouncy hair. It’s ideal for use between washes if you find your hair feels rough and dry the day after; so keep it in your bag for on-the-go moisture top-ups.

It’s all about finding the right balance and adding a bit of care in how you blow dry and style your hair. No big changes asked, just follow our quick and easy steps above to get the results you crave without those damaging effects. Your drying routine will be less damaging in no time without having to invest hours and hours more into your routine – genius.