Greasy Roots Dry Ends

Ah, the classic hair conundrum: Greasy roots and dry ends. They sound like two things that shouldn’t go together, but if your hair isn’t the excessively greasy type and does struggle with dryness, this is often the second or third-day-hair you end up with.

How are you supposed to manage it when a deeply cleansing shampoo for greasy hair might make your ends drier, and a thick mask will probably add to your greasiness on top? Luckily for you, we have the solution for small changes you can make to fix this very hair dilemma all combination hair has. Nail your haircare regime and you’ll be well on your way to fixing those dry ends and keeping greasiness at bay for as long as possible.

What causes dry ends?

Some hair types are naturally drier than others for various reasons, whether that’s genetics or simply hormones. It’s particularly common in our curly-haired friends, as the bends and spirals mean it takes longer for natural oils produced by the scalp to make their way down the hair shaft. The result: the very ends of your hair are seriously dry, and oil build-up is limited to the top of your head.

However, dryness can come as a result of hair damage too. Most of us love to heat style, colour and even chemically treat our hair but, if done in excess, these things can all wreak havoc on the health of your poor hair. Here are a few tips to minimise your hair damage levels.

Turn down the heat

Nobody is expecting you to sacrifice your straighteners, curling tongs and wands altogether, here. It’s simply about being mindful of over-styling. If your tools allow, try turning the temperature setting down to reduce the amount of strain your hair is under, and blow dry on the cool setting where possible. Feel you can embrace your natural hair for a few days or so? Your hair will thank you for the break!

Brush smart

Always be gentle when brushing your hair, as rough wear and tear can have an impact on your hair health – especially in the case of tangles. The golden rule is to never, ever brush your hair while it’s wet, as this is when it’s at its most vulnerable – the tension may cause your hair to snag or break under pressure.

Invest in a deep repair treatment

A weekly recuperation session for you hair is an absolute must for damaged hair. Think repairing treatments take forever to work? Think again! Our Intense Rescue Shots get to work in 60 seconds to heal the signs of damage, and come in a handy tube format that makes them great for when you’re on-the-go. Each tube is the perfect dose for your hair to drink up, so there’s no fear of over-using.

How to deal with greasy roots and dry ends

Getting the balance right with oily roots and dry ends is simpler than you think; the key is to treat your roots and end differently, while being careful not to exacerbate one problem while treating the other. For example, a too harsh shampoo will make light work of your greasy scalp but will worsen already dry ends. There are some products out there that are perfectly right for your combination hair. Keep reading and make our easy tweaks below to your haircare routine and healthy, well-balanced hair will be yours in no time.

Shampoo from the top down

What’s the best shampoo for oily scalp and dry ends, we hear you ask? Invest in a clarifying shampoo that doesn’t contain too many moisturising agents, like our Micellar Cleanse & Nourish Shampoo. Design with greasy types in mind, this will limit grease at the roots and remove all impurities and build-up, with no harshness. It’s the perfect combination of deep cleansing and nourishment, just what you need for your combination hair!

Here is one trick you can start applying to maintain your hair healthiness level: apply shampoo to your roots and really work it in to the areas where the most grease and product build-up accumulates. Then, work your way down through the mid-lengths and ends before rinsing. Doing so will help avoid tangles and unnecessary friction on your hair.

Want to make sure your shampoo formula has your (hair’s) best interests at heart? Ensure you’re doing the best for your hair by wising up with our guide on how to choose the right shampoo for your hair type.

For an extra hair health boost, you could also give scalp exfoliation a try. Treat yourself to a scalp scrub and gently massage in at the roots of wet hair before shampooing. Or ask your hairdresser for this treatment next time you’re at the salon for an extra bit of pampering.

And conditioning from the ends upwards

Conditioner is a necessary step for every single hair type out there. Even if your hair tends to feel greasy on top quickly, conditioning those ends is a must for hair health and softness– especially if you heat style or colour your hair.

If you have dry or damaged ends, your best bet is our 3 Minute Miracle Repair & Protect to deliver an intense treatment and really moisturise those dry and brittle ends. If your hair is on the fine side, reach for the Repair & Protect Foam Conditioner for air-light, weightless moisture with no greasy residue.

Massage the formula into the very ends (the driest parts of your hair), before working your way from the ends to the mid lengths of your hair. Massage in a downwards motion to help seal your cuticles. Never apply conditioner to the roots, as this will add to that greasy look you’re trying to avoid!

As a general rule for how much product you should use, start with a coin-sized amount. Stick with it if your hair is fine, but the thicker your hair, the more conditioner should be used and the more intense your formula should be.

Soften your ends with dry oil

Who said conditioning was reserved for the shower only? If your tips are on the dry side, you know well they’re craving for moisture at any time of the day – and even more when exposed to sun rays, or extreme weather. Even though oil is the last thing you want to add to a greasy scalp, those quenched ends will soak it right up and will get the nourishment they deserve. The Repair & Protect Dry Oil with Vitamin E is brittle, dry strands’ best friend – its super absorbent, nourishing and has a featherweight texture to ensure bounce and movement without the greasiness. Fun facts: it’ll leave your hair 10 times more resistant to damage.

Carry it in your bag for on-the-go moisture top-ups if you notice your hair seems on the dry side – as you’re only applying it to the ends of your hair, it won’t make your roots more greasy. Dryness, be gone!

Thankfully having greasy roots and dry ends doesn’t have to be the end of the world for you or your hair. Add these handy steps to your routine and your hair will be well on its way to a more balanced condition. Get ready for more great hair days ahead.