Hair care for afro hair and natural hair

Looking for tips on the right hair care for afro hair? You’re in luck.

With the help of our specially designed Pantene Gold Series with Pro-V Nutrient Blends and innovative technology, we have just the thing for you.

Keep reading for your guide to styling afro hair to perfection – so that you can live your texture, every single day.

How to care for afro hair

Afro-textured hair is known for being typically dry, and therefore weaker, as the unique structure makes it harder for hair’s natural oils to make their way down the lengths.

As well as the twists of curly, coily or kinky hair, afro hair also bends in the curves, creating challenges in delivering moisture and shine. The naturally tight structure also causes hair friction.

If the hair has been relaxed, this presents its own problems, as the chemicals used to change the structure of your hair can leave it weaker, drier and more prone to breakage.

Giving your hair moisture should therefore be a big priority when caring for afro hair, regardless of any chemical styling. So, how do you make sure your hair is as moisturised as possible?

Taking research from studies on afro hair in the United States, Brazil, Nigeria and Kenya, the Pantene team worked to decode the biology of afro hair to formulate a collection of specialised products suited to its uniqueness.

We asked women with afro hair what they thought was missing from existing products and what they thought was needed. The answer? A blend of ingredients specially tailored to provide the right level of moisturisation; whether your hair’s relaxed, natural or transitioning.

Afro hair products that care for and style your hair

When it comes to your washing routine, use a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates, like the Gold Series Sulfate Free Shampoo. Sulfates can be very drying, so this will gently cleanse your hair without stripping those all-important natural oils.

Follow up with a deeply nourishing conditioner, like the Gold Series Moisture Boost Conditioner, to quench the thirst of dry hair. Because of the intensely moisturising ingredients, it’s a great relaxed or natural hair conditioner.

Developed by a team of African-American scientists, experts in natural hair products, the Gold Series range has been formulated with in-depth understanding of African ancestry in mind, to suit both natural and relaxed afro hair. And, every product in the collection is infused with argan oil, offering repairing and protective conditioning for your hair.

Gold Series Intense Hydrating Oil

An oil is an essential part of any good nourishing haircare routine. The intense hydrating oil reduces frizz, adds sheen and smooths flyaways, helping to seal cuticles for super shiny hair that’s strong in fighting against damage.

Gold Series Thermal Heat Protector

Heat protection is essential for every single type of hair. But for hair that’s more prone to dryness or breakage, added moisture is essential. This argan oil-infused formula will nourish your hair while simultaneously shielding it from those sky-high temperatures.

Gold Series Curl Defining Pudding

For a frizz-free, defined style, a thick leave-in cream is a must. This Pro-V infused formula locks in moisture to calm frizz and define those curls, with light hold to keep your style smooth all day long.