How often should you condition your hair

Wondering whether conditioner’s an essential step every time you wash?
Let’s face it: conditioner’s one more step in your haircare routine that takes time. And, depending on your hair type, you might be worried that it’ll weigh down your hair or makes it greasy. But, beyond the immediate beauty effect your hair gets, conditioning your hair regularly – at least every time you wash – is actually key to keeping your hair healthy, strong and shiny over time.

The most important element to conditioning your hair is to make sure you find the right product for your hair type and need.

Whether you’re nodding your head in agreement or staring at your screen with a furrowed brow, the truth is that if you’re not conditioning your hair often enough and with the right product, you’re sabotaging your chances of a good hair day.

If you’re a frequent conditioner-skipper, it’s probably because you think it’s too heavy for your hair, leaving it weighed down and a bit greasy, or an that it’s an unnecessary step that takes up too much time.

If you already know the importance of conditioner, you might still be asking questions like ‘Should I condition my hair every day?’ Or wondering, how to condition hair properly, doubting that you’re doing the right thing at the moment.

Fear not, as we’ve got all the guidance you need to make sure you’re conditioning your hair as often as it needs and with the right products – regardless of whether you’re completely new to the conditioning scene or simply want to check you’re doing it right!

Let’s start by answering the big question that brought you here: ‘How often should I use conditioner?’ Keep reading for the complete guide to keeping your hair nourished, from how often to condition hair to the best conditioner for your hair type. Your hair will thank you for it!

How often should you condition your hair

How often should you condition your hair?

The answer to this is that you should condition your hair every time you wash it, without a doubt.

When we wash our hair, we’re cleansing it of dirt and impurities. Shampoo opens the hair’s cuticle as it cleanses, while conditioner seals the hair’s cuticle to lock in nutrients. The two complement each other for moisturised, stronger hair that’s less prone to breakage.

Consider conditioning hair like you would an exercise regime where you’re expecting to see change to the appearance of your body. While you’ll see some instant benefits after just one session or, in this instance, one wash, you’ll get better results the more you practice (or condition). After one wash your hair will be softer, easier to detangle and shinier. After multiple treatments, your hair will become more beautiful and healthier over time. Pantene research shows that women who were able to use a Pantene regimen, including conditioner, had double the number of good hair days after 3 months versus when they started the test!

In an ideal world, you want to top up your moisture levels between washes, especially if it’s on the dry side. If you don’t wash your hair everyday it doesn’t mean you can’t nourish your hair between washes too. Leave-in oil has the power to smooth frizz and add a hit of that all-important moisture.

So, which do you stock up on? Our Gold Series was specially formulated for afro curls, so the Intense Hydrating Oil is your hero here. For flyaway frizzy, curly hair that needs definition, reach for the Smooth & Sleek Dry Oil with Argan Oil to redefine those misbehaving curls. And for over-worked, fine and damaged hair? Our double-edged sword the Repair & Protect Dry Oil with Vitamin E not only seals some of those damage red flags while giving your hair that all-important protection going forwards.

Now you know the importance of getting that moisture every time you wash and condition your hair, let’s talk methods…

How to condition hair

Once you’ve thoroughly cleansed your locks, reach for the conditioner and follow these simple steps to give your hair that nourishing treat.

Step 1: After rinsing off your shampoo, wring out your hair to ensure your conditioner sticks to your hair and can deliver the nutrients to your hair. Gently using a towel to soak up extra water’s your best bet here.

Step 2: Squeeze a coin-size dollop of conditioner into the palm of your hand. The finer your hair, the less formula you need to use.

Step 3: Apply and distribute your conditioner evenly through the mid-lengths and tips of your hair.

Step 4: Gently massage from the mid-lengths of your hair to the tips to get the most out of your conditioning treatment, making sure every strand is covered and using your fingertips to comb the conditioner through your strands.

Step 4: Leave for a few minutes to let the magic happen!

Step 5: Rinse gently but thoroughly, using cold water if you can for extra shine. If your hair feels a tad slippery, you probably haven’t got it all out, so keep rinsing! Not rinsing thoroughly leaves residue on the hair for a greasy or weighed-down feeling.

Top tip: If your hair gets greasy easily, only apply hair conditioner to the very ends of your hair. On the dry side? Apply from the mid lengths to ends to keep your whole hair soft. Always avoid your roots to prevent that greasy, weighed-down look.

In the same way you need to apply with your hair’s condition in mind, the conditioner you should use changes depending on your hair type.

What’s the best conditioner for my hair type?

Everyone’s hair type, structure and thickness varies, so it’s important to match your hair conditioner to your individual needs to get to the best results, inside and out. So, how do you know if you’re using the right one for you?

Different types of hair need different benefits from their regular conditioner to keep it at its healthy best. Find yours below as we explain the best match for your hair type.

Fine hair

Have fine hair and don’t want to use conditioner because of weight and greasiness? You just need a formula that won’t leave any residue behind to maximise your volume potential. A foam conditioner is a great lightweight alternative to regular hair conditioner that leaves no residue behind. The Volume and Body Foam Conditioner hydrates your hair with an infusion of micro-bubbles for virtually no weight, leaving it lighten up, free-flowing and lifted-up.

Dry or Damaged hair

Rough, haystack feeling hair that frizzes and won’t sit right? A potent repairing conditioner with intense conditioning agents is an absolute must to replenish moisture every time you wash and get rid of that rough, coarse and haystack-like feeling. Upgrade your regular conditioner to Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Repair and Protect: it works to restore some of the damage from brushing, styling and treating your hair, with an infusion of nutritive ingredients to bring back the moisture it craves for, while also shielding it from some future damage and ensure healthy looking hair.

Curly hair

Curly or kinky hair gets especially dry because its shape makes it is harder for your hair’s natural oils to make their way down the hair shaft, leaving it dry, especially so at the ends. Curls that aren’t moisturized can feel like they’ve got a ‘mind of their own’, getting frizzy and lacking definition.

The key to this hair type is making sure you’re using a hair conditioner that reestablishes the right moisture balance across all strands. You’ll probably notice that your hair’s especially dry towards the ends. To remedy this your conditioner should be packed with intense and rich moisture. The Gold Series Moisture Boost Conditioner has been specifically designed with curly and kinky hair in mind to provide them with powerful conditioning agents able to reset the high level of moisture needed by this type of hair.

Frizzy hair

If you’ve noticed your hair seems to frizz on any given day, it is due to the drier and more porous structure of your hair, meaning it can soak up more water from the atmosphere and go “poofy”. Noticed your hair becoming out of control any time you go outdoors or on the tube?

Slathering on Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Smooth and Sleek Intense Conditioner will create much sleeker hair by saturating it with moisture and providing a humidity defence for a frizz free style all day long.

Coloured hair

Not only is coloured hair more prone to damage, due to the chemical process in the dye, but you also need a formula that will shield your colour from fade to help it last as long as possible. The more you put your hair through the dyeing process, the less able it is to retain that colour, so how to you keep your coveted shade in place?

The benefits of Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Colour Protect are twofold – it helps prevent fade for long-lasting vibrant color, and also nourishes and smooths for a less damaged look going forwards. Achieving your favourite hair shade shouldn’t be at the expense of the healthy-looking hair you dream of!

All Hair Types

Why don’t you give your hair some extra TLC once a week with a deep treatment? Think Pantene Rescue Shot or Repair and Protect Deep Repair Masque.

Now you’re in the hair conditioner know-how, you’re well-equipped to give your hair the care it needs after – and in-between – every wash. Whether you’re curly-haired, battling frizz or in need of extra damage protection, conditioner is the answer and you’re now one step closer to softer, shinier and healthier-looking you dream of.