Easy ways to combat the look of thinning hair and hair loss

Concerned that your hair’s way thinner than it once was? Feel like you’re losing a wig’s worth of hair every time you brush or wash? The struggle might feel real (and isolating), but it’s actually one of the most common hair concerns out there.

Some hair loss is actually the norm for all of us – did you know we naturally lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day? It may feel like you’re pulling strands and strands of loose hair when you brush, but usually this is nothing to worry about.

That said, our hair does get thinner as we get older, and common life events including the menopause, post-pregnancy and periods of significant stress can all increase hair shedding. But we promise it’s not all doom and gloom; whatever the reason for your hair loss, we have a handful of hair hacks to make your hair look like it’s full and lustrous.

Sounding good so far? Keep reading for the all-important hair-boosting tips you need in your life for thicker looking hair.

Tackle fine hair with a volumising washing routine

Good news, the first step in making your hair look fuller is an easy one: Grab yourself a volumising shampoo and conditioner. As a thinning hair solution, you want something that promises (and delivers) volume. The perfect matches are lightweight, clear formulas that don’t weigh your locks down, making them appear flat. You’re also looking for products that contain nutrients for stronger, healthier-looking hair.

Pantene Pro-V Volume & Body is one of our best shampoos for thinning hair, providing the volume you crave. Your hair is gently cleansed and any build-up or dirt that weighs down your hair is removed with added volume and lightweight-feeling hair as a result.

Top tip – try massaging your scalp in the shower every time you wash – this will stimulate blood flow to your scalp and can even encourage growth.

Condition, condition, condition

You might have cut out conditioner from your routine because you’re worried it’ll weigh your hair down, but it’s important if you want to keep your hair healthy looking, full of body over time and help prevent hair breakage and split ends.

To achieve your hair’s “full” potential, shop around for a product that promises added volume and is suitable for fine or thinning hair – and it won’t leave your hair flat and flimsy.

Look out for the Volume & Body Conditioner, which wraps each strand of your hair in essential nourishment, for noticeable softness and added ‘oomph’. For hair that’s especially fine or sparse and prone to those pesky flyaways, the Volume and body foam conditioner is an even lighter alternative than typical cream conditioners for your hair, providing 100% conditioning and instant volume without the weight. Whichever you choose, your hair will have the appearance of being thick and lustrous – win!

Why not try alternating your Volume & Body conditioner with the Deep Repair Masque once a week; this will give stressed or overworked hair a quick nutrient boost, and can help support your hair against heat styling and general wear and tear which will help prevent your ends from breaking and save a trip to the hair dresser. You can focus the treatment on the areas that need it the most, starting at your tips and applying a generous amount also to your lengths.

Style your hair more mindfully

Grab the chance to give your hair a bit of a break if you can. Overuse of heat styling tools ultimately leads to damage and, in extreme cases, breakage. Days when you’re planning on not leaving the house and binge-watching a series are the perfect opportunity for a nice bit of hair rehab.

As a thinning hair treatment out of the shower, apply the Smooth & Sleek Dry Oil with Argan Oil to the ends of damp hair to keep it soft and nourished; argan oil is known to slow the wearing down of hair. The oil can also be applied to dry hair, so pop it in your bag for moisture top ups on the go if you feel your is a bit on the dry side.

Pro tip: Apply Mousse Perfect Volume to damp hair and blow dry upside down. This forces volume right into the inner layers of your hair and achieves a root lift for long-lasting volume and hold. Finish off with a little Volume Hairspray to keep that volume in place.

Look after yourself, inside and out

A balanced lifestyle with a mindful diet and exercise can help support healthy hair growth from the inside out. But if you’re experiencing a surprising amount of thinning hair or hair loss, look into taking a supplement or two to help tackle the root of the problem, or see your doctor for advice. A vitamin or nutritional supplement can help fight body deficiencies, like lack of magnesium or iron, and support healthy and strong hair growth.