How to give fine hair volume for thicker looking hair

Fed up of stepping out of the house, only for your hair to fall flat and glued to your head a couple of hours later? Envy friends with naturally voluminous hair that stays bouncy all day, or wish you had thick enough hair to pull off a fringe?

The secret is all in knowing a few coveted styling hacks and using the right hair products which will add lift in all the right places.

You may not know what to look for in the first place, but that’s where we come in. Here we’ll give you the must-try tips for how to get volume in your hair and make it look fuller and more lustrous in the process.

What causes hair to lack volume?

Thinning hair is one of the leading reasons hair appears less volumised. As you age, your hair gets thinner, as the diameter of each hair is reduced along with the overall density. Lifestyle factors, including hormones, the menopause and stress, can also accelerate thinning hair.

While some things are out of our control, like genetics and age, others are just a matter of switching up your haircare routine. During the day, oils produced by the scalp, like sebum, and dirt from the environment, build up on your hair. This, in turn, causes hair to appear dull, flat and thin.

So, what can you do to regain luscious locks that look and feel fuller? Read on…

How to add volume to fine hair

Get rid of build up with a clarifying shampoo

The best hair products for volume in fine hair are cleansing in nature and light in texture. If you’re constantly struggling to get your hair to behave itself and not lay flat, you need lightweight formulas that won’t weigh your hair down, but will add lift to your style. Definitely go for a cleansing-focused shampoo such as Pantene Classic Clean shampoo that removes build-up and isn’t too heavy in conditioning agents that’ll cause your hair to stick to your scalp if you naturally lack volume.

Some of you like to switch shampoos from time to time so we advise you to try Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Shampoo, a silicone-free lightweight option that cleanses your hair gently for fuller body and clean hair feel. Clarifying and volumising, exactly what your fine hair craves!

After washing, wrap a towel around your hair to soak up wetness and complete drying with a blow-dryer, with hair turned up-side-down, on a cold temperature to avoid heat damage.

Switch it up with a lightweight conditioner

Conditioner is essential for your hair every single time you wash. But if you find your hair is particularly fine, some conditioners may be too heavy for your hair and cause it to appear flatter and less bouncy. Of course, this is the complete opposite of what you want – so which conditioners should you stock up on to keep your hair looking its best? For volume for fine hair, grab yourself some of the Pantene Volume & Body Conditioner, which nourishes every single strand of your hair for a soft and bouncy style without the weight and the flatness.

Need an even lighter solution though? A foam conditioner is a great way of getting your hair that essential moisture with none of the heavier conditioning agents. Think 100% of the conditioning power, with 0% of the weight. Pantene Volume & Body Foam Conditioner adds microbubbles to your hair to boost strands for 24 hours, melting into wet hair and quickly rinses away for lighter, hydrated hair.

When using your new favourite conditioner, be sure to apply only to the areas of your hair that need the most moisture – the ends and mid-lengths. Make sure to avoid the roots of your hair and scalp will help keep your style free flowing and not flat.

Fine hair: Style your way to volume

A top styling tip for fuller-looking hair is to dry your hair upside down, which will boost the volume. For optimal results, apply a volumising mousse to your damp hair before blow drying to boost your full look. Dispense a dollop (or more) of Mousse Perfect Volume in your hands and gently massage from the bottom up to your scalp, and lift your hair up with the palm of your hand to give more bounce before blasting with your dryer. It helps your hair achieve its full potential for a volume boost that lasts all day long. Thicker-looking hair is a mere spray away!

Don’t forget to seal your style before you go out the door with a quick blast of the Perfect Volume Hairspray, which will keep that sky-high volume you crave in place. Not just the ideal style mate, it’s the perfect defence against harsh weather and the stresses of that daily commute.

Look after your style with regular TLC

Consider going for the chop and cutting your hair a bit shorter to up its bounciness; your hair will be lighter and the shorter style will instantly give a more voluminous look. Not quite prepared to take the plunge and sacrifice your longer hair just yet? Ask your stylist how to add volume to hair. Perhaps, a really layered style for added movement and fullness. Always remember that regular trims every 6-8 weeks are the secret to healthy-looking and vibrant hair that shines.

You can also try changing up your parting to encourage more volume. Did you know if you keep your parting in the same position all the time, it trains and shapes itself to fall that way naturally giving you this flat hairstyle? Keep your hair on its toes by changing things up, moving your parting to the centre or slightly to one side for natural added volume at the crown.

Now that you’re wised up on how to create that coveted volume for yourself, you see that it doesn’t have to be such a struggle to get thick looking hair. Stock up on those volumising hair products and treat your hair with the care it deserves, and you’ll be rewarded with the great hair days you crave.