Tame frizzy hair with this anti-frizz routine


Need to know how to tame frizzy hair so that it doesn’t wreak havoc on your style? We hear you. If you’ve been searching for how to make your hair less frizzy, keep reading for the ultimate frizz free routine.


What causes frizzy hair?

Hair that’s in the healthiest condition can absorb around 30% of its own weight in water from the atmosphere. But dry, coarse hair can soak up as much as 55% – almost double. Soaking up this moisture causes hair to swell and become uncontrollable, leading to that “poofy” appearance we all know too well.

Frizz is common in curly hair types, as their natural structure makes it harder for natural oils to make their way down the hair shaft, leaving hair much drier towards the ends.

It’s also normal for hair to become frizzier as you get older. Over time your scalp oil production slows, leaving your hair much drier. This in turn leads to breakage and frizz, especially if your hair is already wavy or curly.

Fortunately, you can defend you (and your hair) against frizz with the right haircare routine; read on for the frizz-fighting products you need in your life.


How to de-frizz hair with your haircare regime

Step 1: Shampoo

First things first, ensure you choose the best shampoo for frizzy hair that is designed to tackle this issue.

For smoother and better-behaved hair, try Pantene Hair Biology De-Frizz & Illuminate Shampoo that uses our most potent nourishing technology. Containing super moisturising ingredient hyaluronic acid, omega 9 and our Pro-V blend, it works to nourish hair, fight stubborn frizz, add elasticity and smoothen hair from root to tip.

Containing a high dose of antioxidants, it also offers protection against damaging free radicals, which can speed up your hair’s ageing process.

Step 2: Conditioner or mask

To keep frizzy hair at bay, you should be using conditioner every time you wash your hair to replenish lost nutrients; just as you would use moisturiser to keep your skin’s dryness levels in check.

The Pantene Hair Biology De-Frizz & Illuminate Conditioner is deeply nourishing, sealing every single hair fibre with an invisible moisture shield, to deliver superior smoothness for even the driest hair. Think softness that lasts until the next time you wash.

1-2 times a week, swap out your mask for a deep treatment mask for an even higher level of care. Pantene Hair Biology De-Frizz & Illuminate Mask delivers a more intense level of these nutritive ingredients to your hair, keeping those pesky frizz levels to a minimum.

Step 3: Leave-In Conditioner

Using a good leave-in conditioner for frizzy hair is an essential step in knowing how to control frizzy hair for all day smoothness.

In hair that fundamentally lacks moisture, a leave in conditioner is a great way to keep your hair’s hydration levels up between washing and conditioning. The Pantene Smooth & Sleek Deep Moisture Soufflé locks in moisture for up to 48 hours and helps to shield against frizz-causing humidity.

Step 4: Heat Protection & Styling products

Heat protection is essential every time you style your hair, whatever your hair type. The excessively high temperatures from styling tools removes moisture from the hair, leaving it dry and, you guessed it, more prone to frizz.

Pantene’s Gold Series Thermal Heat Protector is infused with argan oil to help keep hair smooth and shiny, while simultaneously strengthening your hair against breakage and shielding it from those high temperatures. Use it any time you use heat on your hair, whether that’s blow drying, straightening, curling or tonging.

Finally, a hairspray or wax are good finishing products to ensure no strays start to pop up. Take a small amount of wax – we recommend that you start with a pea size amount to start off with as you don’t want it to look greasy or weigh down your hair – and spread it in your palms. Gently touch the top coat of your hair to pull down stray hairs. Finish off with a light coat of hairspray (sprays from a distance of 20-30 cm) to fix the hair in place ready to face the day.

So, with that, you’re ready to send that frizzy hair packing!

Our Hair Biology collection is specifically formulated to care for your hair at each unique life stage with its different concerns. From oily teen years to beating brassiness in greys, our science-backed ranges have your back with optimized shampoo, conditioner and deep treatment mask for great hair no matter your age.