What Causes Frizzy Hair?


Frizzy hair is caused by humidity. Most hair is not smooth in its natural state, but with the right haircare products, blow dryers, and hairstyling products, hair can be smoothed into a variety of defined styles. This hairstyling process arranges the internal temporary bonds of each hair, known as hydrogen bonds, into the uniform pattern required to achieve a smooth style. Moisture, the great enemy of smoothness, can rearrange this pattern very quickly. Humid conditions mean a higher water vapor content in the air, which disrupts the hairstyling bonds and returns hair to its natural pattern, which for most of us, means frizzy hair.

Damaged hair compounds the issue, as it is more susceptible to moisture moving in and out of the strand, uplifting the cuticle, and making hair less smooth. But all hope is not lost! Hairstyling products specifically formulated to combat frizzy hair can make a very big difference.