What causes split ends

How and why do you get split ends? They’re so common that it’s the burning hair question on most people’s lips.

Split ends can make even the chicest hairstyle look ragged, unruly and uncared for; there’s nothing worse than taking a closer peek at your hair to see it fraying away. So, why on earth do they happen?

They’re the most common sign of visible damage and something that happens to almost everyone, so let’s take a closer look at why your hair frays and what you can do about it below. Because the good news is that there is a solution (several in fact!).

What causes split ends

What causes split ends?

Splitting hairs are the result of hair becoming brittle and weak, which leaves it more prone to breakage, whether that’s split ends or snapping off completely. Unfortunately, a lot of modern styling choices can speed up the damage process.

Hair colouring
Colouring alters the structure of the hair in order to change its appearance. Unfortunately, this weakens the hair, leaving it more prone to damage and, our foe, split ends. So, it’s not actually the colouring treatments which cause splitting hairs, it’s the after effect if your hair’s not properly pampered afterwards. After a salon treatment, hair’s going to be dryer and more fragile. This is when you need to care for it most with moisture infusions and protective treatments to prevent split ends from taking hold.

Chemical treatments
Like colouring, chemical straightening or perming, drastically breaks down the hair’s structure leaving you with that rejuvenated look - but also weakened hair more prone to damage, like split ends. When hair’s excessively dry, the ends can fray and this fraying can work its way up the hair strand. The result? Hair that constantly looks unbrushed and messy with strands veering off in different directions.

Heat styling
Heat styling also significantly weakens your hair, especially if you’re not using heat protection every single time you style. High temperatures put your hair under a lot of strain and remove moisture, leaving it drier and weaker over time.

You might notice a theme here when it comes to what causes split ends… a lack of moisture. So, one regular styling product you can integrate into your routine to tackle those pesky frayed ends is Pantene’s Advanced Keratin Repair Split End Fuser. This miracle potion can repair 2 years of damage in just 2 minutes – pretty powerful stuff right? Simply apply the mid lengths and tips of your hair daily, wet or dry, for a concentrated repair for any splitting hairs.

Learn how to prevent split ends from taking hold

Once you’ve got rid of your split ends, the next step is to keep them from coming back – you know what they say about the importance of relying on prevention, rather than a cure. Here are three things you can do to keep your split ends at bay.

Get regular haircuts

You’ve heard it all before, but it really is true that a regular cut is one of the secrets to healthier hair. By getting a trim regularly, you’re removing the most damaged part of your hair, so you’ll keep split ends to a minimum. Experts say that six to eight weeks is the sweet spot, so book in for a trim every couple of months.

Use heat protection every time you style

Heat protection shields your hair against some of the potential damage from styling with your straighteners, curlers and tongs. Heat removes moisture from the hair and so can leave it feeling extremely dry and more likely to break, so it’s important to use protection when styling. Try the Gold Series Thermal Heat Protector to condition and safeguard your hair.

Make the most of repairing treatments

Intense hair treatments once or twice a week help to restore your hair to a much healthier state. The concentrated ingredients give your hair a hearty dose of nourishment to help repair damage and leave your hair softer and happier overall.

Hair masks are thicker, more nutritive versions of your regular conditioners, helping to fight some of the damage caused by your everyday styling ritual. For deep repair, try Pantene Pro-V Repairing Hair Mask to replenish each strand of your hair for a smoother and stronger finish.

Pantene Pro-V 1 Minute Wonder Ampoules can restore as much as 3 months’ worth of damage in just one minute, lowering the likelihood of split ends. What’s more, the handy tubes can be thrown in your gym bag or overnight holdall for hair repair on the go.

Make a few of our small changes to your daily hair habits, and you really will cut down on the number of splits appearing at your ends. It’s time to wave good bye to fraying, splitting ends.

*Strength against styling damage vs non-conditioning shampoo, fullness vs unwashed