What exactly is a hair ampoule, and how do you use it?

Heat styling, bleaching, colouring, sun exposure – when you take a look at our everyday hair habits it’s really no wonder that a lot of us have been left with damaged hair that needs some serious looking after. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

With all of that regular hair transformation we love comes damage to the structure of our hair, as well as the loss of nutrients – leaving hair dull, rough and rigid. Which is not ideal.

It’s now more important than ever that we use regular restorative treatments to help repair this everyday damage1. Rescue shots in ampoule format are fast becoming a major haircare category in their own right, so what are they, exactly? Keep reading to learn all about the handy hair treatment you need in your life.

What is a hair ampoule?

Hair damage can be caused by a number of different factors. Styling with straighteners, curlers and hair dryers can lead to heat damage, while colouring, perming and chemical straightening all change the structure of the hair, leading to dryness.

And when we’re on holiday, sun, sea and swimming pool time also add to those dryness levels, making damage repair all the more important during the summer (or whenever you choose to have your hot holidays).

That’s where our rescue shots in the form of ampoules come in. Similar to the skincare ampoules you might know and love, a hair ampoule is usually in a tube form, for deep hair repair2.

Ideal for colour and heat-treated hair, Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots provide deep conditioning to noticeably repair damage for softer, more resilient hair3 after one use.

The concentrated hair-loving ingredients in the ampoules can easily help repair damaged hair2. They’re extremely absorbable, soaking into every single strand of hair it’s applied to supporting recovery.

Rather than simply coating the hair’s damage, you’re getting right to the root of the problem and treating that outer damage for better looking hair.

How do ampoules work?

Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots contain a potent mix of our Pro-Vitamin B5 , essential lipids and natural glycerin. The ampoules target the damaged areas to give hair the flexibility and resilience it needs to endure styling and environmental stresses, resulting in salon like hair between professional treatments.

The ampoules only take 1 minute to soak deep into your hair’s structure and work their magic to fix three months’ worth of damage after just one use3.

The end result? Hair is considerably softer, shinier and more vibrant in colour3, and feels so much healthier after just 1 ampoule use, without that ‘weighed down’ feeling that none of us love.

What’s more, the ampoules’ handy travel size means that you can throw 1 or 2 in your gym bag or suitcase for a quick, restorative treatment while you’re away on holiday after a day at the beach, or simply showering at the gym after a workout. Easy!

How to use ampoules for hair

Once a week when washing your hair, after shampooing and instead of your usual conditioner, apply the entire contents of the ampoule tube to damp hair, covering it all the way from root to tip.

Don’t hold back, as the product was formulated to prevent overdosing; each ampoule contains just the right amount of treatment for one use, so there’s no danger of using too much product. And in 1 minute, your hair will be transformed for shinier, healthier and more vibrant colour3.

There you have it – armed with Pantene’s Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots you can keep colouring and styling your hair to your heart’s content. Now you can continue to play, rescue and reset your hair, safe in the knowledge that your weekly hair ampoules have its all-important damage2 repair covered.

1 hair surface damage (or hair styling damage).
2 repair to surface damage
3 Versus using a non-conditioning shampoo only