Which oil is good for dry hair?

Hair oil is a great product for smoothing the surface of your hair and give instant nourishment to your hair. But you may have some concerns about using it on your hair – isn’t that the very stuff that makes my hair greasy, we hear you ask?

The truth is that oil that’s been specially formulated for hair is a very different matter, and can really help your hair on its journey to becoming its healthy best. Keep reading to learn which oil is best for dry hair and how to use it.

Which oil is good for hair?

What’s the best hair oil for dry hair?

So you’re starting to think how oil could really help your hair, but you’re not sure where to start when it comes to ingredients.

Argan oil for hair is a great choice for dry types, as it’s extremely moisturising but also very easily absorbable, meaning thirsty hair soaks it right up with ease. It’ll also nourish frizzy and unruly strands for a much smoother style.

Our Smooth & Sleek Dry Oil with Argan Oil blends argan from Morocco and our nutritive Pro-V blend supports your hair health, and can provide up to 24 hours of smoothness. Read more about argan oil benefits for hair for a more in-depth look at this wonder ingredient.

Is your hair damaged as well as dry? Whether your hair is suffering from the effects of lots of heat styling, colouring or bleaching, an oil can really help to get it back on track. Try the Repair & Protect Dry Oil with Vitamin E, which nourishes brittle strands and provides hair with some protection against future damage. With active Vitamin E inside the oil, it’ll leave hair feeling softer and more supple.

How to use hair oil

The great news is that dry oil can be used on damp or dry hair; it’ll really deliver on moisture either way.

Step 1: Dispense one or two pumps of your oil of choice into your fingers (you can always add more later).

Step 2: Applying only to the mid lengths and ends of your hair

Step 3: Massage the oil gently into your hair in a downwards motion to help seal the cuticle and encourage smoothness

Thanks to the handy sized bottle, if your ends are especially dry you’re able to pop it into your bag for on-the-go top-ups. Lack of moisture needn’t be a worry!

When to use hair oil

The good news is that dry oil is so versatile that there are many instances where your dry hair will really benefit from oil, both before and after styling or even on your non-wash day when your hair doesn’t benefit from your conditioner.

Case in point: you can apply our hair oils to both dry and damp hair. After washing and wrapping your hair in a cotton T-shirt or microfibre towel, while your hair is still damp, massage into the mid lengths and ends. This will give your hair an extra hit of moisture before blow drying. Remember to use heat protection such as Pantene Gold Series Thermal Heat Protector before this last step!

Dry oil can also be used as a finishing product after blow drying and any heat styling, such as straightening or curling your hair. Again, rub a little between your fingers and apply to the mid lengths and ends to replace the lost moisture from those sky-high temperatures.

We know the weather can really wreak havoc on our hair, and so dry oil can be really beneficial in protecting your hair against the elements. In summer, the higher UV levels can cause damage to your hair, while the harsh temperatures and cold winds of winter also put your hair through the wringer. Equipped yourself with one of those two oils – depending on your major hair need – and give your hair the power to go through the winter or summer harshness.

Quick tip: in winter, use also our dry oils to help fight hair static.

For dry and damaged hair, we recommend you use a little hair oil every day, as your hair will be able to soak its goodness right up. Find that oil tends to sit in your hair and doesn’t always absorb? Cut down your oil time to twice a week, or however often you feel your hair benefits.

Desperate to get your hands on some hair oil now? We don’t blame you! You’ll now see that this really beneficial product can work wonders for your hair and help you lock in great hair days, every day.