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  • Age Defy Advanced Thickening Treatment

    Hair that looks up to 10 years younger.
    Gives the effect of up to 6500 extra hair strands!
    WHO: An expert solution for those with damaged, easily broken hair that might even be thinning.
    WHEN: Daily, and immediately notice fuller-looking and thicker-feeling hair
    HOW: Apply to wet or dry hair. Spray 15 pumps at the roots to cover your scalp from the ear line up. Massage in with fingertips—then style. No rinsing!

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  • 1 min Wonder Ampoule

    1min intensive cure to reverse signs of damage
    WHO: Those who have damaged, stressed, and overworked hair.
    WHEN: Whenever your hair needs a health and shine boost.
    Use it once a week or every time your hair starts to feel brittle or damaged
    Squeeze out onto
    your hand and apply onto the hair strand beginning at the tip, making sure the whole strand is covered.
    Smooth on to freshly washed hair and rinse off in 1 minute

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  • Repair & Protect Dry Oil with Vitamin E

    Pantene Pro-V Dry Oil is instantly absorbed to nourish brittle strands and protect hair from breakage.
    It gives a glossy finish and has a featherweight texture so hair has bounce and movement.
    Hair is left a staggering 10 times more resistant to damage.
    WHO: For those who are looking for an hair oil that won't be greasy or weigh hair down, with extra protection against damage.
    WHEN: Best used after washing hair, or anytime hair feels in need of more pampering and nourishment.
    HOW: Shake before use. Apply a small amount to damp hair from mid-length to ends. Blow-dry or leave to dry naturally.

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  • Youth Protect 7 BB Cream

    7in1 hair perfector
    1- Strength
    2- Lightweight nourishment
    3- Shine
    4- Smoothness
    5- Hydration feeling
    6- Damage repair
    7- Resilient tips
    against styling damage
    surface damage to smoothness
    WHO: For those who want to provide well-rounded protection to their hair in just 1 simple step.
    WHEN: Daily, to give hair a healthy look and a silky smooth finish
    HOW: - On Damp hair:
    Dispense 1-2 pumps into palm, rub hands together and apply to the beginning at the ends working upwards to the middle of the hair. Use more as needed. Do not rinse. Continue with your regular hair care and styling routine.
    - On Dry hair
    Use an additional pump to polish styled hair.

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  • Breakage Defence Hair Strength Tonic

    This advanced daily leave-in treatment works on each hair strand to strengthen them and
    provides extra strength & resilient fullness.
    Strength against styling damage vs non conditioning shampoo.
    WHO: Great for damage doers & strength seekers alike!
    WHEN: Use daily to reinforce hair against damage.
    HOW: Use daily. Apply to wet or dry hair. Spray 15 pumps at the roots to cover your scalp from the ear line up. Massage in with fingertips. Do not rinse off. Style as usual.

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  • Advanced Keratin Repair Split End Fuser

    Repairs 2 years of damage in 2 minutes
    Intensive Repair & Protection for Damaged Hair and Split Ends
    Damage to smoothness
    WHO: Specially crafted for those who seek an exceptional level of care to treat their damaged hair.
    WHEN: Daily to repair split ends
    HOW: On damp hair: Apply 1 to 2 pumps to tips, and work your way up about half way. Avoid the roots! Style as you normally would. For an extra dose of protection, apply sparingly to tips on dry hair, and style as usual.

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  • Hydra Intensify Moisture Lock Intense Hydration Mask

    Moisture Lock Intense Hydration mask
    WHO: Women with wavy, frizz-prone hair looking to defy humidity.
    WHEN: 1-2 times a week to provide intense moisture for your chronically dehydrated hair.
    HOW: Apply to clean, damp hair starting at the roots and working towards the ends. Leave on for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

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  • Smooth & Sleek Deep Moisture Souffle

    Deep Moisture Soufflé is a leave-in daily hair moisturizer. It locks in moisture for up to 48h, for luxurious smoothness.
    WHO: For women with wavy, frizzy hair looking to defy humidity for a smooth & sleek end look.
    WHEN: Daily to give hair a smooth, stylish look.
    HOW: Shake well. Dispense into your palm. Distribute beginning from the tips into damp or dry hair. No need to rinse off. Proceed to your styling routine.

  • Colour Protect Masque

    2min intensive cure for colour vibrancy
    WHO: Great for colour-treated hair.
    WHEN: 2 to 3 times per week to lock in moisture
    HOW: Apply into damp hair beginning from the tips and massage upwards. Let the rich formula work for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Proceed to your style routine.

  • Advanced Keratin Repair 2 Min Restorative Masque

    Intensive Restoration for Damaged Hair
    You’re 2 min away from shining, silky tresses.
    WHO: Specially crafted for those who seek an exceptional level of care to treat their damaged hair.
    WHEN: 2 to 3 times per week to repair damage hair.
    HOW: Apply all over hair, paying special attention to ends. Leave on as long as you like. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Advanced Keratin Repair Split End Fuser to restore hair from damage.

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